Having a newborn is a beautiful thing but sometimes it can be scary knowing you have these little gems that are totally dependent on you. You would do anything to keep them safe and that includes not going to places you’d normally go or not doing the usual things as before.

You might be wondering if you can take your newborn to the grocery store when you desperately need something and online shopping is not an option. This article is a guide to teach you how to go shopping with a newborn safely.

Should You Take Your Newborn Shopping? 

Pediatrics and health experts have said that infants can be taken outdoors and parents do not need to wait until they are weeks old or the first few months until they take them outside. In fact, they have further claimed that being in nature and having fresh air can be refreshing and beneficial to babies. It’s totally safe as long as you follow some safety measures and precautions.

Where Do You Put Your Baby?

The most important thing to consider when shopping with your newborn is where you’re going to put them. You want a place to keep your baby safe, comfortable, and happy. There are a few options you can choose from that will make your shopping trip less of a chore. 

1. Baby Carrier 

This is one way to keep your infant safe when shopping and a great way to enjoy your trip. Your hands are free and you can easily pick anything you want and have total control over your shopping cart. 

On the downside, there will be some restrictions on your movements. For example, you wouldn’t be able to bend down to pick some stuff you may need but if you have help around, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

When using carriers, make sure they are worn properly. You also want to be careful so you don’t bump your infant against shelves or the shopping cart.

2. Infant Car Seat

This is another great suggestion. These car seats can be placed in your car then transferred into a grocery cart. Do not place the baby seat on top of the cart. This would add more weight and can cause it to tip over and your baby can get hurt in the process. 

Instead, place the car seat inside the cart. A big disadvantage of this is the fact that it takes up space in the cart and if you are doing a lot of shopping, there may not be enough space. You can get another shopping cart if you have limited space.

3. A Stroller

You can decide to opt for a stroller which is also a great choice. There are some that are able to fold and fit in small spaces which is an added benefit. The downside to going for this option is that you have two things to control now: the stroller and shopping cart. 

Both of these may not be at the same height (usually the stroller is lower) and this might cause some discomfort.

how to go shopping with a newborn

4. A Hammock

This is a favorite and one easy way to shop with your newborn. Attach the hammock to the cart and place the infant car seat or your infant in the hammock. Make sure your baby is strapped in safely and push the cart real gently and slowly.

The benefit of using the hammock is that it gives you overall mobility and doesn’t take all the space in the shopping cart.

How to Go Shopping With a Newborn

1. Know what you want beforehand

It is important to have a shopping list of what you need to get on hand. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend shopping and make it so much easier, which is the goal here.

You do this by checking around your house to find out what you need. Also, remember this trip is meant to be as short as possible so only list the essentials. Other stuff you know you can get online or someone else can help you grab should be at the bottom of the list or not even on it at all.

The last thing you want to do is shop at a store you’re not familiar with. Not only is your baby new to that environment, but you also are. You wouldn’t be able to manage your surroundings to your advantage because you don’t know what you’re looking for. Shop at a store that is well known to you.

2. Pack smartly

You are not only packing what you need at that moment but also for the foreseeable future. Your baby may not be hungry at the moment but the chances that he or she will be throughout your shopping trip is high so you need the pack in anticipation of that. Newborns can eat up to 12 times a day so having an extra bottle will not hurt.

Your diaper bag should include the essentials for your baby and also for yourself, a drink or a snack or two.

Some important stuff you will need in your diaper bag includes:

  • Pacifiers if your baby takes them
  • A bottle of formula or nursing cover 
  • Lots of wipes and clean diapers
  • Changing pad
  • A light blanket 
  • A plastic bag to hold anything that’s not clean to enter the diaper bag
  • An extra outfit for you and the baby
  • Comfort items that make your baby feel relaxed
  • Burp cloths

3. Take note of the time

Deciding to shop while your baby is cranky, fussed, hungry, etc, is a big mistake you should do your best to avoid. Your trip should be made when your baby is calm and isn’t needing anything like a diaper change or playtime. 

Although a baby’s routine cannot be predicted in any way, it is much easier to shop when it’s your baby’s naptime than one who is kicking their feet in the air in excitement or fuss. 

Also, you should consider how hectic it will be in the store you’re going to shop at. If it’s a popular one where there’s likely to be a lot of crowds, you should adjust to this situation beforehand. Again, you cannot completely predict these things but it is important you take them into consideration. Deciding to shop with your newborn when there’s a flash sale is a big no.

4. Have help

It’s okay to bring someone with you to assist and in fact, this is recommended. Your help could be your newborn’s older sibling, trust me they would be eager to help and make things easier. You and your partner could make the trip together or with a relative or friend. 

This will make all the difference when things get hectic and you know you have someone reliable to help you out.

5. Use every situation to your advantage

Don’t hesitate to ask politely to skip a few lines at the store and don’t refuse help when provided with one (unless it seems suspicious or uncomfortable to you). 

Also, park your car close to a shopping cart corral or return stall. This way you can easily place the car seat or hammock in the shopping cart right after you hop out of the car and when you’re returning, it would be effortless to transfer your baby back into the car.

6. Have the right stroller 

Take with you a stroller that is portable, easily fits into places, and can fold or unfold without any hassle. A reversible stroller makes it possible for you to turn in the direction where your baby is facing. You can check on them from time to time without having to leave your initial position.

What If You Have Twins?

Seriously, this is not a limitation. You get to pack twice as much diaper bag necessities but apart from that, it’s not as daunting as you think it would be.

You can put one of your babies in a baby carrier while the other one can stay in a hammock or car seat. Some babies may not like the baby carrier so using a stroller is another option. You would have to control the cart, watch your baby in the hammock and also control the stroller while shopping.

If this method isn’t for you, you can go ahead and use a double baby carrier. Although this will give you more movements with your hand, you have to be very conscious of both infants while you shop. This method may not work well with newborns.

If you’re shopping with a newborn and a toddler, go ahead and place your newborn in any of the places we’ve mentioned above, and then your toddler can go in the shopping cart. This is the safest option because you know your child is safe and you have eyes on them in the cart at all times. Who knows, they may become engrossed with what’s going into the shopping cart or may even fall asleep.


It is possible and beneficial to go outside the house with your newborn. Although grocery shopping with an infant is not an easy task, it’s something you can pull off easily once you have the right areas covered. 

These tips on how to go shopping with a newborn will help you navigate any difficulties with ease. So when you get back from your trip, give yourself a pat on the back because you rock! 

Don’t forget to explore our other articles to help you and your baby get along better.


how to go shopping with a newborn

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