The nine months of pregnancy are a delicate time for soon-to-be mothers. You have to worry about the well-being of your child throughout this period. But you also need to take care of yourself: your mental state, health, and physical appearance.

Stretch marks are a constant topic of worry for many. A lot of mamas-to-be secretly worry about how their pregnant bellies will look with stretch marks and if those marks will ever go away.

Luckily, there are stretch mark creams formulated for reducing the chances of stretch marks and that can keep your pregnant belly moisturized throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

Even better is the introduction of stretch mark oils, which are more effective at hydrating the skin and preventing itching while retaining the elasticity of your skin.

The best oil for a pregnant belly will not cure stretch marks, but it plays an important role in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and preventing them to an extent by keeping your skin soft and moisturized. 

As a result, we have curated a list of the best oils for a pregnant belly. All are designed to prevent and fade stretch marks into a mild inconvenience.

These oils will also help keep your skin moisturized, reduce the appearance of other scars or marks, and reduce irritation for sensitive skin. 

What Kind of Oil Is Good for a Pregnant Belly?

Do your best to look out for oils that have hydrating and moisturizing agents. Research has shown that keeping your pregnant belly as moisturized and hydrated as possible may prevent potential stretch marks.

Choose products that have hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, argan oil, coconut oil, and natural moisturizers like sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil among others.

Also, pick oils that work specifically to reduce the itching or other type of skin irritation as your pregnant belly expands – like aloe vera and vitamin E.

When Should I Start Oiling My Pregnant Belly?

For the best outcome, it doesn’t hurt to start using an oil for stretch marks the moment you find out that you are pregnant.

This way, you are giving yourself a head start as you may start to gain weight quickly, which will greatly contribute to the formation of stretch marks.

Even after you give birth, many sudden changes can still take place underneath the skin, so continue application even after delivery to keep your belly moisturized and hydrated.

5 Best Belly Oils for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Combining expert advice, results from research, and the most genuine reviews from users who have tried a myriad of pregnant belly oils, we bring you the 5 best oils for a pregnant belly in 2022. 

1. Pipette Belly Oil

We cannot even begin to describe how much we love Pipette Belly Oil. It is perfect for pregnancy stretch marks, itching, and tight skin.

Plus, it’s made with squalane, which is a 100% renewable moisturizing ingredient.

You may already be using Pipette Belly Oil, or maybe it’s been recommended to you already. If you haven’t used it, then take this as your recommendation. It is one of the best oils for a pregnant belly.

For starters, the oil is fast-absorbing, so it’s active in retaining the elasticity of your belly.

You can apply it without worrying about staining or itching. As a moisturizer, it truly stands out in helping your skin lock in moisture throughout all three trimesters and beyond.

Another plus is that it’s safe and sustainable for the environment and is made with 100% renewable electricity.

Overall, if you want a fast-absorbing, lightweight oil that is effective against stretch marks and non-staining oil, then this is a perfect choice. It will leave your pregnant belly hydrated and soft.

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2. Provence Beauty Belly Oil

Provence Beauty Belly Oil is a product that many mamas-to-be swear by.

It’s recommended for use to reduce the appearance of scars and protect against stretch marks and inflammation.

This oil is very absorbent, which is why we recommend this for the pregnant belly as it helps to retain the elasticity of your skin as your belly expands.

You can also use it as a natural moisturizer to reduce itching and other skin irritations.

The smell is very clean. You will love its texture, scent, and the fact that it’s made in the US.

We also love that it’s made with all-natural ingredients like argan oil, almond oil, and other rich botanical oils that make it perfect for relieving itching. This oil will keep your belly moisturized and reduce the risk of stretch marks.

Overall, if you are pregnant or postpartum and you have started to notice stretch marks, we recommend using this as soon as possible and consistently.

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3. HATCH Mama Natural Belly Oil

The HATCH Mama Natural Belly Oil is just the right blend of plant-derived natural ingredients that’s fragrance-free and formulated with lightweight ingredients.

The oil itself absorbs quickly, helps to retain moisture, and is effective against stretch marks.

Regardless of whether you are just starting to notice them or already have some visible stretch marks, this oil will reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks on your pregnant belly.

Though not as popular as Pipette Belly Oil or as loved as Provence Beauty Belly Oil, it’s just as effective as our other recommendations.

We also appreciate the fact that it has nutrient-rich moisturizing properties without being too thick or greasy, allowing it to support your pregnant belly as it stretches.

HATCH Mama Natural Belly Oil can also be used as a light therapy oil.

Overall, if you’re worried about stretch marks on your pregnant belly, or if you’re looking for something that is effective against stretch marks, fragrance-free, prevents irritation, and dries quickly, then the Hatch Mama Natural Belly Oil is the right product for you.

Your pregnant belly will look amazing but also feel good too.

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4. Badger Pregnant Belly Oil

The Badger Pregnant Belly Oil is specially created for mamas-to-be for use throughout every trimester.

It’s formulated with jojoba and coconut oil, so it’s wonderful when it comes to moisturizing your belly and preventing dryness.

But it’s also effective in keeping stretch marks at bay and relieving tight and stretched pregnant belly skin.

In terms of the scent, it is not overpowering at all. The fragrances are very light and should be compatible with all pregnant mothers – even if you become very sensitive to smells.

As far as texture goes, the oil is very soothing and soft. It’s easy to apply, and you can use it on your entire body. Our recommendation is to use this often and consistently for best results, as with all the oils on this list.

Overall, it’s a great oil for pregnant bellies, and it checks all the boxes for a good body oil.

But its formulation also goes a step further. This product uses rich essential oils to improve the moisturizing effects and to improve skin appearance and elasticity.

Whether you use this before or after pregnancy, you can still expect good results. 

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5. Magnum Solace Stretch Mark Oil

The rich blend of the Magnum Solace Stretch Mark Oil is one of the hallmarks of this beautiful 100% natural belly oil for your pregnant belly.

It is specially crafted with nutrient-rich almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter oil, and vitamin E to bring out the best results in your pregnant belly, which easily becomes overworked.

This stretch mark oil is fast-absorbing, soothing, and soft. It’s not greasy and works well as a moisturizer for dry skin too.

Pregnancy is marked by stretching skin that can cause all sorts of irritation, dryness, tightness, and – most notably – stretch marks.

We found that these blends help to significantly reduce the risk of stretch marks and retain the elasticity of your belly as it expands.

You can also apply this oil without any worries about the ingredients being harmful. This pregnant belly oil is free from alcohol, petroleum products, and is also fragrance-free if you are sensitive to strong scents.

Overall, if you want to soak in the benefits of using a good pregnant belly oil, then the Magnum Solace Stretch Mark Oil is the perfect product for you.

It will help prevent the appearance of stretch marks on your pregnant belly, and it will relieve you from tight skin with its moisturizing properties .

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How to Choose the Best Oil for a Pregnant Belly: Tips and Recommendations

While no cream or oil has been proven to completely get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy consistently, these types of products can certainly help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on your pregnant belly by keeping it well moisturized.

With that out of the way, these are the best tips to ensure you make the best choice if you want to do the vetting yourself.

Pay Close Attention to the Ingredients

Different people react to different skin care products in different ways. While one product might be effective for one person, it might cause an allergic reaction in another.

Always check the ingredients to see if there is any component you might be allergic to.

Consider the Sensitivity of Your Skin

If your skin already produces enough moisture, getting a deep moisturizing cream or oil to combat stretch marks might not be the answer. You will need something that hydrates your skin but dries quickly.

If you have sensitive skin and are very sensitive to artificial fragrance and ingredients and other essential oils, you should consider a more compatible oil that uses natural ingredients that aren’t harsh on your skin.

Know General Ingredients to Avoid

No matter how good a product looks, it’s only as good as its composition.

It’s important to know what the ingredients are in your skin care products before you use them so that you can avoid any irritation or allergic reactions. It’s almost important to know the skin care products to avoid during your pregnancy.

On a general note, avoid agents like hydroquinone, retinol, vitamin A, and salicylic acid in high doses.

Top Pick for the Best Oil for a Pregnant Belly

Pipette Belly Oil

The smooth, effective, and sustainable Pipette Belly Oil is our top pick for the best oil for a pregnant belly for all mamas-to-be. The oil is perfect for all trimesters of pregnancy and even good to use postpartum.

It relieves tightness and itchy skin and also moisturizes your belly. The formulation is not too thick or greasy, and it stands out as the most sustainable belly oil you can use. Lastly, it does a fantastic job of preventing the appearance of stretch marks.


  • 4 fluid ounces
  • Contains squalene and vitamin E


All of the oils we’ve listed are not only great for moisturizing and keeping your pregnant belly hydrated, but they’re also useful in the prevention of stretch marks, which can cause significant worry for pregnant mothers. 

To get the best oil for a pregnant belly – and by extension get the best results – make sure you buy belly oils that are well suited to your skin in terms of sensitivity and topical reactions.

Always check the ingredients to confirm that you’re not allergic to anything. Also make a mental note of the general ingredients to avoid when you are pregnant. 

Check our blog for more information on skin care products that will keep your skin supple, soft, and moisturized all day. 


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